Handle with care by KaterinaArt

Handle with care

by KaterinaArt in Portrait

"Handle with Care"
Newborn baby boy's tiny feet in Father's hands
12 x 9 Charcoal/Pastel blue pencil
A concept drawing i did for Father's Day , something to go along with my "Life in your hands" drawing i did for mother's day

I always do a lot of mother's day drawings, thought i do something in blue and for dad's out there , didn't want to leave them out :)

Baby feet and hands reference from the beautiful stock
Aya , the baby feet actually belong to the Silent Night infant baby drawing i did back in 2009

I did this on strathmore charcoal paper i got it last month i started bunch of drawings, this was one of them took me a couple weeks to finish ,did little by little, first time i tried charcoal paper, i always used to do my charcoal work on bristol board, it's a bit different but i liked it, it has a laid finish appearance, it's more lightweight at 65lb and has a creamy off white color, but liked how it grabbed on the charcoal, it's not always an easy medium to work with, i like experimenting with different art papers, i will try the opposite of the page too and in color too to see what results i get.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there

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