Fragile by KaterinaArt


by KaterinaArt in Animals

5 x 7 , Pencil , 2011

I pretty much feel like the kitty in the will be moving soon.
Moving away always has a mixture of feelings of happiness and sadness,
i tried to capture that with this little kitty,
not to mention all the work of packing and then un-packing , it tires you out
anyway this is what my little drawing got inspired by, i really dont have
time to do bigger elaborate artworks , it's been a while i did
animal work and missed it, I have lots of work in progress projects
that will be finished in my new residence once I'm settled in :)

Once i have more accurate moving information or when my
Internet connection will be disabled i will update with more info,
I'm hoping it won't more than 2 weeks that i get my PC connection up
and running in my new home :) Until i have PC connection all orders from
my online stores will be mailed with no problem , temporarily i won't have any
listings on eBay , until i move to my new residence ,
unless someone wants a buy it now option especially on originals feel free to contact me,
thank you so much for your understanding and support at this time and my apologies for any inconvenience
this may cause.

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