Forbidden by KaterinaArt


by KaterinaArt in Fantasy


12 x 9 pencil/color pencil for the apple

Completed for the Enchanted Visions monthly
theme "Forbidden"
Based on my ballerina sketch i shared a couple weeks ago...on my facebook page
beautiful ballerina stock pose ~stuff-stock ( DA)

i had artist block when it came to the sketch didn't know what to
do with it , until i remembered the EV theme and then everything clicked
for me , the forbidden fruit
Ballerina the Forbidden Dance.. angel wings representing
innocence dont know if it makes sense to anyone else
but it does to me :)

It was a very challenging artwork physically and emotionally .
I have aceo prints ( 2.5 x 3.5 and bigger prints ( 8.5 x 11 ) available

on my website

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