Dance of the swan by KaterinaArt

Dance of the swan

by KaterinaArt in Fantasy

"Dance of the Swan"
8.5 x 11 (27.9 cm x21.6cm) Color pencils, pastels, 2013

Part of my ballerina/swan lake story series
inspired by Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

I had this idea to draw this for the last 2 years
ever since we had the EV theme "Ruby Slipper" and kept putting it off
but lately have been having strange dreams about feathers, white, black
all kinds of feathers small, big, dont know the meaning of it..
and thought maybe something was trying to tell me to do this,
timing was perfect too reminded me of something i have to finish something
i promised to do last year
Artwise really gave me a hard time all the folds and highlights really hard
and time consuming , i was glad i finished it .Many thanks to my beautiful friend miranda rose from DA
for the beautiful ballet stock (felt bad couldn't draw all of her )
Thank you so much for viewing, commenting on my art
always feel free to share my art thank YOU
Originals, prints on my website

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