Bella's Eyes by KaterinaArt

Bella's Eyes

by KaterinaArt in Portrait

"Bella's eyes"
7x5 pencil/color pencil, 2012
Had several requests for a Bella with red eyes and here it is :) , after trashing 2 artworks i decided to finish this today has been sitting on my drawing desk for a while ,This is a scene form
the upcoming breaking dawn movie when Edward tells Bella
"We're the same temperature now " after she becomes a vampire ( thats supposed to be
Edwards hand on her cheek/face )
the perspective of the eyes was a bit hard to work on whenever there is something
touching,pulling one side of the face there is a UN-eveniness to the features .
but in the end i was happy it turned out ok, hope the Twilight fans enjoy it :)

Based on the movie Breaking Dawn 2 actors Bella Swan/Kristen Stewart.

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