Awakened by KaterinaArt


by KaterinaArt in Fantasy

9 x 12 , border around pastel pencil, 2012
Original , prints available from my website store
Awakened vampiress
Halloween inspired artwork ,
around this time of the year i always do a bit
darker artworks.
I tried a new pastel paper which had lots of texture almost canvas like and didnt like it as much as other papers i tried, but decided to finish it since i started work on it, i was very pleased how the vampiress turned out.

Many thanks to :iconempatia-stock: for the lovely pose
she has a very haunting doll like look/ appearance
and thought she would be perfect for this artwork and the look i had in mind i looked for many references for this artwork and actually found people in coffins ,kinda freaked me actually went in them but
i decided on using a UN-related pose and just did my own design etc.. For all the Gothic fans out there hope you enjoy this ;) :)

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