Carl's Skull by KW-Scott

Carl's Skull

by KW-Scott in Misc.

This is actually a tattoo flash that I drew for my little Brother... He wasn't sure if he really wanted the scorpion or not so I just left it as a basic outline. The skull however I felt obliged to shade in and color a bit :-) This of course is done in colored pencil and is 9" x 12" It'd been a very long time since I'd drawn a skull and really had fun doing this one... I used to draw them so much I saw them when I closed my eyes LOL

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  • shackledfae



    Jan 21st, 2012 Reply
  • bleuie


    Last time I think I've drawn a skull was way back in high school and it's just the ordinary skull and crossbones. This one is really creative buddy with the blue eye and I think that scorpion works really fine, but if your Brother doesn't like it, maybe a dagger will do. Nice work buddy

    Jul 29th, 2011 Reply
    • KW-Scott


      Thanks.. My Brother has a scorpion tattoo already and so we thought he might like another one on the skull that's why it's there... Ultimately it's up to him but I drew it so he could add it or not ;-) This really was a lot of fun to draw and I'll probably be drawing another one just for fun too

      Jul 29th, 2011 Reply