Happy Birthday Brigitte by JurgenDoe

Happy Birthday Brigitte

by JurgenDoe in Smurfs

On 13th July, Baker Smurf made a special chocolate cake as a birthday present. He used his special recipe, special secret recipe that no one knows except him and his ancestors (that's why it's called secret, right?). He made it with love and happiness, he was singing while he mixed the ingredients. It's special chocolate cake for special person. He took it out from the oven and let it cool in the air, when he heard the door bell rang.

Little Ashley, his neighbour's kid, was the one who rang the door bell. Ashley liked to play in Baker Smurf's house. Chef Smurf let Ashley in, and Ashley smell the chocolate scent.
"What is that nice smell?" asked Ashley.
"Its the chocolate cake I am baking for someone special. It's her birthday."
"Ooohh!! I want to have the cake too," said Ashley.
"Later, dear girl. I will share it with you. Now wait here, I must clean myself."

Baker Smurf left Ashley in the library room where Ashley always plays there and reads some books too. He went to the bathroom, took a bath, and prepared himself. When he went down to the kitchen, he was surprised that almost all the cake was gone!! And there was Ashley next to it.

"Ashley! What have you done??" asked Baker Smurf.
"I am sorry, Mr. Baker Smurf. I couldn't stand it. The smell is so great and I just couldn't help myself. It's very yummy too!!"
"Oh, dear, now how could I give it to Brigitte??"
"Who's Brigitte?"
"Brigitte is the person whom I will give this cake for," answered Baker Smurf.
"Oh... Hey! I have idea!"
"We can still give the cake, and you should add a giant red rose too! She will be happy!!"
"That might be a good idea, but you should come with me and give it to her too, and explain why you ate all the cake!"
"Oh okay! I'd love to. Hey, why don't we make a photo for her too?"
"That's great too, wait a minute, I'll take the camera."

So they made a photo, and behind the photo they wrote,
"Happy Birthday dear /dragonfly113 ( Alles Liebe und Gute zu deinem Geburtstag )

Baker Smurf and Ashley

Story written by the lovely /Meutia and Danbo by /BrigitteFredensborg

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