Predator Progress Pic by Joker-laugh

Predator Progress Pic

by Joker-laugh in Artwork

I made this to show people how I progress through some of my drawings in various stages.
Stage 1. is inking over sketched pencil. Once dry rub off the pencil with a rubber/eraser and once all rubber parts have been wiped off its onto the next stage.
Stage 2. is start coloring the main character with basic undercoats of color (I usually use copic markers).
Stage 3. decide on a background, draw in pencil, once happy Ink it and then rub away pencil, use markers to colour.
Stage 4. Add shading with various coloured pencils and chalks.

You could add a Stage 5. scan it into your computer and add some extra shading or colour in photoshop. I tend to keep traditional drawings and photoshop seperate, but it is a option if you mess up anywhere.

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