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by JohnAslarona in Process

What a wonderful 2012 start 'to present you the product of a one-on-one critique with the the awesome Sam Spratt. I've never won anything big 'really, but last year I was fortunate to get an unexpected master-class from one of my favorite artists. It's a great experience to learn new techniques and theories from the master but most significantly, 'learning to push myself out of my own comfort zone and explore my uncharted self. If you fancy eye-candy, I suggest you get your sweet 'free subscription at http://www.facebook.com/sam.spratt and follow Sam's blog at http://samspratt.tumblr.com/ . I'll be posting the final critique shortly.

Read more about the YODA process @ http://samspratt.tumblr.com/post/15212195659/personal-critique-process-for-john-aslaronas ;)

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