2 Rivers Meet 4 Pic Panorama by Joe-LynnDesign

2 Rivers Meet 4 Pic Panorama

by Joe-LynnDesign in Panoramas

2 rivers meet 4 picture panorama
Kicking Horse and Columbia rivers

The mountain on the right is Mt 7 and under this is the Kicking Horse River running into the Columbia River. The 2 rivers meet here and you can see the different colors of the 2 rivers as they collide.
Right now the rivers are high due to a slow melt of the snow in the mountains and the cooler than normal temps.
The Kicking Horse is a milky grey while the Columbia is green.
These colors change with the water levels because the sediment at different levels is taken from the banks. The Kicking Horse is a beautiful blue color when its low while the Columbia is a deep green most times. In the spring and early summer they are all cloudy.
The Kicking Horse can be clearly seen along the other side of the river since the current is strong and the 2 don't mix till farther downstream.

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