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Manila, Philippines


♥ I am a Freelance Comic Artist ♥

Since the very beginning of my existence I am fascinated with moving drawings. I constantly watch cartoons on my Lolo's old TV when I was 5 (mama told me that) . I started drawing even before I started my schooling. I remember I was awarded Best in Drawing when I was in Kindergarten because I drew a bird. I drew a maya, but my teacher thought it was a very gorgeous parrot (imagine that).

I grew up looking and scanning through the pages of Green lantern, Batman, and X-Men. It was my kababata who introduced me to western comics. I also love the animated series of comic book heroes such as X-men, Batman and Superman. I also remember watching Mightor and Moby Dick. I am also a fan of Steven Spielberg's Freakazoid.

I started doing comics when I was in elementary. I drew on every paper I could find. I think I started my training there. I made a DragonBall Z comics (i think I still have it) on a notebook and that was my first self-made comic book. Then i made more.

I was fully influenced by anime style of drawing when I was in high school because of Ghost Fighter, Lupin III, Flame of Recca, Trigun and other anime's introduced by GMA 7 (On their WE ARE ANIME' days). I've met a lot of girls back then because of it (hehe). After graduating in high school, I don't wanna go to college unless I take fine arts or animation but my mama could not afford the course and colleges back then do not have animation courses. So I stopped schooling for more than 12 months.

I became a muralist and painted the walls of Justo Lukban Elementary school using anime' style except the Sandugo by Botong Francisco replica I did in one of the school's conference room (?) I also won several awards for poster making for the school's Alternative Learning Center (Non-Formal Education).

I graduated in ArtFarm Asia where I studied Professional Animation with Nelson Caliguia as my mentor. I was one of the artists who drew for animated sequences of the movie adaptation of Gabriel Fernandez's "Nasaan si Francis?"

I got my Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication at Universidad De Manila.

I am also into directing theater plays, video editing, lay-outing and creating indie comics.

My student and I also accepts commissions. Please Check out our page >

I am a Youth Leader Volunteer at Bantay bata sa Komunidad

I love coffee

I love music

I love my family

I'm kulot at kayumanggi (pero my friends insist na maitim daw ako. Fine. :D)


I'm inlove. ♥