A Way Of Life by Jeremy

A Way Of Life

by Jeremy in Creativity Takes Courage

This is the Black Snub Nosed Monkey which inhabits only one place on earth the Yunnan province in China. It's also one of the most amazing creatures that I have had the privilege of studying about. They are on the verge of being extinct because their habitat is being destroyed. I was inspired by a documentary on BBC and "A Way of Life" by Hans Zimmer featured on The Last Samurai OST. "Close to the mountainous border of Tibet, deep snow, high altitude and temperatures well below freezing presented a major challenge to both crew and equipment. Thin air turned tracking the fast-moving monkeys up and down precipitous slopes into a massive effort. To prevent camera failure from the cold, specially heated cuffs were wrapped around the lenses and hand warmers packed around the camera body. Extreme conditions eventually forced the team to retreat."

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  • Mizzabelle


    What a wonderful shot and an amazing story. Humans need to put their coffee aside and start thinking more about the environment.

    Feb 20th, 2012 Reply