Artist •


My desire is to create prophetic art that emphasizes the word of God and the unveiled mysteries of His heart. My vision is to translate the spiritual realm through my artwork only with the help of the wonderful Holy Spirit.

When the time is right, my hope is that my primary artwork will deliver a message of life.

I'm easily inspired by art that plays a beautiful melody.

I practice by creating art I find to be challenging, but believe enough that I can do it. I don't consider myself a professional, in fact I learned to draw by picking up a mechanical pencil and believing I can re-create an image I was inspired by. My Creator thought of me to be an artist, He gave me this ability and so I long to glorify Him through it all.

Art I create out of my own will are simply just lifeless pictures that may only draw the pleasing attention of the eye. But art I create with the willing voice of the Lord, is art that will draw the pleasing attention of the heart. So I will patiently wait upon Him.