Student Artist & Cartoonist •

, U.S.A.

Hello, everyone! This is BigMamaPyro from DeviantArt! I wanted to try another art site, and this one looked cool.

I am one of those beginner artists seeking improvement, and since this site is chockfull of amazing and talented artists, why not try it here? I'm sure your little secrets and tips will be dug up by me. Ha, ha!

Until I come up with a better bio, why don't you read this list of my interests? Perhaps we can start a conversation over one? You never know.
- Hetalia -Assassin's Creed -Castle Crashers
-Halo -Batman -FullMetal Alchemist
-Coldplay -Elton John -Soul Eater
-Deadliest Warrior -Pokemon -Team Fortress 2
-Star Wars -My Little Pony -Legend of Zelda,
-Tobuscus -Wolfgang -Red Dead Redemption