‎"Silent meeting" by JanneO

‎"Silent meeting"

by JanneO in Photography

I took this at the museum of natural history in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s autobracketed 3 shots compo with +-0.7 exposures shot from tripod with long exposuretimes(2.5s, 4s and 6s) as I was using ISO100 to keep the noicelevels down and f11 to get deeper DOF. It also made all the people moving around in front of the camera invisible. For lense I used my Sigma 18-50 F2.8 on my Sony DSLR-A300.
I tonemapped the image 2 times in Photomatix Pro 4. Each time different as one processing was for the ceiling and one was for the floor. This to get best result in both areas. I then masked them together with some parts from the original -0.7 exposure shot to get an optimal combination. This was done in CS5 as well as the final processing with sharpening and toning. I used about 30 layers while working with it.
I usually don’t get a chance to use my tripod when I have my family with me as there simple isn’t time to set it up with my 3 year old son, Benjamin, running around but this time I pulled it off.
I would love to hear your opinion about now that I’ve put so much effort on this. Thank you so much in advance!
Have a lovely day!…:D

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