"Fear no more…" by JanneO

"Fear no more…"

by JanneO in Digital Art & Photomanipulations

This is one of my first manips from 2 years ago. I felt doing something hopegiving and thought of what would be the most comforting feeling if your child was lost in the middle of nowhere...

It's not very advanced but it got published as a book cover for a British author, Steven Mace, so maybe you will like it too...:)

"Background forest by Stock-feele":http://stock-feele.deviantart.com/art/Forest-1-63326215
"Arcane circle brush by Obsidian Dawn":http://redheadstock.deviantart.com/art/Arcane-Circles-Symbols-Brushes-63580135

The model is my very own son, Benjamin.

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