"Fallen Generals" by JanneO

"Fallen Generals"

by JanneO in Photography

Taken in Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia. The Gallery of the Patriotic War of 1812, built in 1826 by Carlo Rossi. The walls are lined with 329 portraits of the Russian generals who took part in campaigns against Napoleon, 1812-1814.

I personally was more impressed by this gorgeous ceiling. Handheld(Unfortunately being forced to use f2.8 due to lack of tripod resulted bad DoF which bugs me a bit...:/) 3 exposures with +-0.7 autobracketing. 2 HDR processings in Photomatix Pro 4. One for the ceiling details and one for the walls. Final processing in CS5 with the original 0 exposure shot. 33% opacity for the wall HDR and 39% opacity for the ceiling HDR blended on the original.

Hope you like it!...


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