Graphic Artist, T-shirt Artist • http://dreamingattwilight.blogspot.com

Seattle, USA

*waves* Hello! Yep, it's me... Jaden Kale... or you can call me Jaden... or J... or "Hey you!"

I'm pretty flexible.

I'm a graphic artist and have an associates degree in Commercial Art/Graphic Design from Western Tech in Wisconsin. I've been designing t-shirts for the better part of 6 years, with my first big print at an online site called shirt.woot.com. I can, and have been known to create with other media, but at the moment, I don't have the necessary income to set up a small design studio as I once had. For a year I worked strictly for a theatre in a tiny city in Tennessee designing newspaper advertisements and brochures for their business. I recently moved to Seattle, WA,and I'm hoping someone will find my work cohesive with their company so I can easily land better work in the Pacific Northwest!