Smile ~ by Jadek

Smile ~

by Jadek in Vector / Vexel

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  • ChadSyphrett


    Terrific vector illustration and marvelous graphic design. Amusing portrait.

    Nov 15th, 2012 Reply
  • Lucifer


    awesome work
    Quick tip: Please don't forget to add tags to your work, it will help you gain more views and other people can find your work faster !

    Aug 31st, 2012 Reply Who wants a hug?
    • Jadek


      thank you very much. your comments motivates me much :) what are tags by the way? i'm really a beginner here :)

      Sep 7th, 2012 Reply
    • Lucifer


      when you look under your picture then you can see there "Add Tag". click on it and write vector there. tags characterize your work ...i mean when you do vector art then you will tag it as a vector, when you take photos you will tag it as a photography, when you draw you will tag your work as a drawing ...etc
      you can add tags while you are uploading your work too, there is this option.
      when you add tag "vector" to your work then it will add your work to category vector and people will find it more easy and you will get more views and comments :)
      hope i explained well and you can ask me anytime whenever you need help :)
      have a nice day

      Sep 7th, 2012 Reply Who wants a hug?
    • Jadek


      thanks. it's a big help. now all i need to do is find me some time to do more artworks. pretty busy because of my course. thanks again. God speed :)

      Sep 8th, 2012 Reply
    • Lucifer


      you are welcome :) just take your time and when you are free then do some amazing works i will look forward to see them. good luck with course

      Sep 8th, 2012 Reply Who wants a hug?