Abstract Artist, Photographer • http://rick-thiemke.artistwebsites.com, http://r-tdesigns.deviantart.com/

Jackson, WY, USA

I’m a self taught Photoshop artist. I am an amateur photographer and a professional chef.

I have a passion for art as much as I have for creating new food dishes. I enjoy the meal only if everyone is happy and I take that to my art, but not to the degree I do with cooking.

I work as a sous chef at nights, but during the day I am always looking for what is Jackson Hole. To capture the life and scenery that makes up this place.

I also have the time to reach within and try to create something new and alive. I have no formal training in each field so I think that allows me to go where taught wisdoms would say not to. But if anything, I feel I am not easy to pin down to one type of art other than digital, abstract, fractal, photomanipulator, photographer. I also have a big library of music that I have written over the years.

I hope you have take the time to check my galleries out and I hope you find something that you like.