Rockefeller Blimp by JacksonGariety

Rockefeller Blimp

by JacksonGariety in Black & White Photography

This is The Tower of Eiffel in Paris, France. More commonly known as "The Eiffel Tower". Fun Fact: Maintenance on the tower includes applying 50 metric tons of three graded tones of paint every 7 years to protect the 200,000 square meters of iron lattice work from rust. The darkest paint is used at the bottom and the lightest shade at the top.Each repainting, by 25 painters working for 15 months, requires 1500 brushes, 5000 sanding disks and 1500 sets of work clothes.On occasion, the color of the paint is changed. The tower is currently painted to a shade of brown. Enjoy! :D

- Mr. Nice Guy

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