Reunion by IvanAndreevich


by IvanAndreevich in Mountains

I think this is one of the most interesting ways that water can look. Let me explain how the water managed to be five distinctive colors in one shot. The sun is behind me on the left, and it's about 1 hour before sunset.

1) The green area on the left is shallow, and is colored primarily by the reflection of the pine trees on the slope along with the light reflecting off the bottom covered with silt.

2) The yellow spot just below (1) is a decaying tree on the bottom.

3) The red foreground is just the red rocks being lit up by the late sun.

4) The blue area towards top right is the reflection of the clear sky.

5) The purple area between (3) and (4) is a combination of those two.

Pretty cool, isn't it? :)

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