A Bridge Between Worlds by Isra

A Bridge Between Worlds

by Isra in Science Fiction

The year is 3876 A.D..
You have travelled through the dimensional shift in one of the amazing ships designed by the famous ‘Explorer Inc’ factory in Grande Berlin, and entered a parallel universe riddled with galaxies of all forms and sizes. The ship you’re in is something out of this world, a true explorer of the unknown, being almost unknown itself, partly living, partly machine, taking you to territories never visited. And now, in this new universe it seems the worlds waiting to be explored are found in their millions. Stars and supernovas, planets and moons, asteroids and strange light phenomenas are all around you. You decide to do a quick survey of the nearest solar system to see if any life forms might be existing on any of the terrestrial bodies, and if there is life, how advanced is it? The worlds you are about to visit will prove to be something you could never imagine even in your wildest dreams, filled with fantastical sceneries and weird and sometimes dangerous life forms and environments but also full of so much beauty and signs of lost civilizations and ancient relics.

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