Sylvan Magic by Inku

Sylvan Magic

by Inku in Fantasy

I'm not happy with this work, but still decided to finish it for the sake of practice. I bought new reddish brown and golden inks and was dying to try them out. Sadly, my Canson paper, being the soft and delicate paper it is, didn't like them too much. I had to repaint it completely with over 8 layers of watercolor (hence the heavy texture and smudged spots). Was still a nice practice though. I might do an oil version of this thing in the palette I've planned all along.

This is a harpy-like creature, preforming some sort of magic above the Sirin's head. I should draw bird-people more often.

A4 sized.
Inks, watercolors, 3H B and 6B pencils.

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