Soul Thieves by Inku

Soul Thieves

by Inku in Fantasy

Just some random quick work I made today. Two thieves preying on wyrm souls.
Don't like the scan at all but that's the best I could do.
I should really stop abusing white ink and acrylic :|.
A4 sized.
White ink, watercolors, white acrylic, mechanical pencil.

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  • JurgenDoe


    Absolutely amazing and wonderful

    Feb 2nd, 2013 Reply Shadowness Staff
  • t4mk4t


    But you abuse them to such fantastic ends!! ;) Have you heard the song "Wolf & Raven" by Sonata Arctica? I was wondering if you had, since those two figure into your work so often :) Anyway, I really enjoy your style of work; its unique and engaging!

    Jan 14th, 2013 Reply
  • goldeneden


    This is wicked!

    Sep 23rd, 2012 Reply