Morose by Inku


by Inku in Fantasy

Each time I think of you or see you in a dream, I remind myself that you're nothing but an illusion. An imaginary representation of kindness and warmth. Rock-like stability. A mind that is wild and free. A wise bear, as pure and loyal as a swan.
As foolish as I was, I descended to see you closer, only to be stabbed by your frozen dagger-like words.

As proud as a lion, as dull as a pigeon. I'll cut you out like a bullet out of a wound, like a poisoned arrow, keeping an antidote ever close. As pure as you might think you are, you're nothing but a delusional fool. Thank you for teaching me a lesson.


I know I'm getting a bit repetitive. Just need to get some things out of the system.
Took a bit more than an hour I think I was half awake while making it.

A5 sized
B pencil, black colored pencil, white and beige acrylic, watercolors.

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