Heavy as Mountains. by Inku

Heavy as Mountains.

by Inku in Surrealism

I could describe it but I won't. Perhaps this work is a bit too personal.

I renamed it.
It started off as a thumbnail I scribbled over a year ago. Some sort of vent art I guess. Finally did something with it.
How do I feel about this? Mixed feelings I guess. It turned out quite different from what I've planned. The background was supposed to be very soft, with little to no texture. BUT, someone called me while pouring white ink, my hand slipped and... yeah. Half of the inkwell poured on the paper and table. It was a complete disaster! I was lucky to be able to make it look decent.
I removed the arrows because they didn't seem fitting to me anymore.

The Sketch-

Print is without watermark.

A5 sized
White ink, watercolor, mechanical pencil, 3H pencil.

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