Haze. by Inku


by Inku in Surrealism

Finally done.
It could have been better, but I did my best and actually saved it from a total mess. I worked on old watercolor paper that seemed perfectly fine, but as I started applying paint, I became devastated. I started crying and almost gave up on this work. In the end I figured I should do my best to save it since I really liked this work in pencil and worked hours on it already. This work was very, very hard to do because of the technical reasons, and has less watercolor texture than usual since I had to give the whole think an acrylic 'wash', aka covering all the ugly parts in white acrylic then applying watercolor and ink again.

It started of as a tiny concept sketch I did late at night. I was exhausted and my vision was very blurry, but I just couldn't sleep. At times like this I have the strangest visions.. I saw this giant creature surrounded by dozens of tanuki (racoon dogs). On the other side was the creature I painted here, surrounded by tanuki skulls, with tons of fog and smoke. I might end up doing a 2nd work depicting the first creature I visioned.

The overall scan quality is fairly good, apart from the creature's face and the skulls. My scanner HATES white areas.
Watercolor, acrylic, black ink, mechanical pencil and colored pencil dust.
A3 sized.
About 30 hours of work.

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