Children of the Night by Inku

Children of the Night

by Inku in Surrealism

In the dark night of my soul, I am my own worst enemy.
Surrounded by my demons, my children of the night, the creatures of dark forests and cold mountains.
Lost in agony, blinded by fear, I move towards the light;
I wish to be found. I wish to find myself.
Wow. This is the largest format I've ever worked on (larger than A2!), and it was extremely challenging.
I've started this work in August 2012, having huge intervals between each step of this work. I think I've started coloring it a year ago.
I'm not happy about the end result, but I'm glad to label it as a finished work nevertheless.
Working on this was an interesting yet frustrating experience, as my skills improved during the two years, and the more progress I've made, the more mistakes I've noticed (especially in anatomy and composition).
I'd rather not receive critique on this, as the sketch was done 2 years ago and my knowledge and skills improved greatly since then. You're very much welcome to leave a crit on any of my recent works!

Watercolors, acrylic, white ink, pastel, colored pencil, mechanical pencil.
A2+ sized.

Artwork © Jenny Schukin (Inku)

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