Neuroscientist •

I'm Immy. I’m a neuroscientist by day, and an insomniac artist by night. The oddest things in nature and the cells under my microscope, filtered through dreams, inspire me to make art - on public transport, between experiments, and late at night. I'm interested in the overlaps between scientific ideas, biological images, and surrealism. In my waking dreams imaginary cells and strange creatures come out to play... the subconscious can be a busy place, so I try to accommodate all the deep-sea-neuronal-carnivorous fungi-plankton-plants that grow in my mind. They’re so demanding, but so endearing I just can’t resist them. In the surrealist game of ‘Exquisite Corpse’, I'm privileged to collaborate with amazing minds from all over the world, and constantly challenged to improve my skills. Automatic drawing is also very important to me. Oh and then there's my imaginary alter ego, Neuron-Headed-Science-Scarecrow-Girl, who expresses all my frustrations for me. Every neuroscientist-artist should have a friend like her!

Other than that, I'm short and have many cats. I like to grow brain cells in jars, sew custom jeans, paint glass, listen to radio comedy, and make vegetarian curry, cake and tea.

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