No rest for the wicked by Ilojleen

No rest for the wicked

by Ilojleen in 2012

My first serious attempt at watercolours, painted in July.

Sully Erna, the leader of the hard rock band Godsmack. "No rest for the wicked". Well... I browsed Godsmack's songs and thought the title of this song suits the best. Somehow.

I must confess it wasn't a piece of cake to do. It took me two months to complete, as I was busy with taking exams and, first of all, my moods were changing while painting this triple portrait. I was satisfied, but five minutes later I wanted to rip it into pieces! It really drove me nuts sometimes! I guess my patience with watercolours isn't so solid as it is when I draw with pencils xD
I'm still not happy with the skin colour. It's too dark and differs in each figure. The forearm in the upper portrait is a disaster, especially the veins D:
And the guitar was pain in the ass! At least I'm satisfied with it :D The guitar strings are also painted with brush, not some white gel pen trick or something ;)

Basic info:
- size: A4
- watercolours, watercolour pencils, Faber Castell felt-tip pen 0.2 and 0.5
- time: ?
- reference photos:

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