The Dark Lord by Ileina

The Dark Lord

by Ileina in Pastel drawings

So I decited to revise my drawing I did 2007

It's the very same drawing, but I overdrew it now with my new "Stabilo - CarbOthello" pastelpencils.
I managed to make the colors more "full" and adjust the proportios a bit (it's 100% freehand drawn!).
And of course, I made a proper scan, so now it looks like the drawing :D

Black paper, size A3
Original drawing made with "Faber Castell - Pitt" pastelpencils, about 6 hours work,
Current drawing: "Stabilo - CarbOthello" pastelpencils, added 1-2 hours.

Stay tuned, because I'll overdraw more of my older drawings!

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