Power and Strength by Ifus

Power and Strength

by Ifus in Digital Work

Commission for Folix on Furaffinity.net.

I'm learning to use larger canvases and learning that the larger they are the more details I can render. The original is 20X30 inches!

The only thing I did not make is this royalty free rock texture: http://www.public-domain-image.com/public-domain-images-pictures-free-stock-photos/textures-and-patterns-public-domain-images-pictures/rock-stone-texture-public-domain-images-pictures/stone-rock-texture.jpg

Thank you for viewing. I hope you enjoy!

Sorry updates are few and far between. I have a lot of icon commissions I've been up to and schoolwork that isn't complete enough to post yet. I'll be more frequent when I graduate in December. :)

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