Designer •

RJ, Brasil

I’m Stephanie, i have 22 years old and 7 years on design. Yes, I started young. Art always been my passion, curiosity is one of my biggest quality. So, the first time i used internet, i think i was 12 years old, i thought "This is awesome! I need to know how they do it.". So i started to read and learn how to do web sites, books, tutorials... My free time was dedicated to this. I made foruns, i made sites, i made blogs... Then, with 15, i just knowed how to do, but the design of my sites was very ugly. So i started to learn about design, and again, books, tutorials, everything. And i felt in love with design. Now i only do it, no programming anymore!

I have a lot to learn in my professional journey, but what i know right now, is that i really love my job.