Drawing Artist • http://www.ichilouhan.web.id/

Cimahi, Indonesia

I am a fantasy artist. I always draw what is in my mind an image on paper using a pencil or pen drawing. Then I color the sketch in the digital program. Monster, skull, funny cartoon, creepy character, always appears in my idea. I used to draw a sketch for a band around my city. I am always asked to draw sketches of the character of their band or band logo which they will use for a t-shirt or record their cd cover song. I hope to take part in this job. If you are interested in our designs you can contact us at email: sitinjak.ucok @ gmail.com or www.ichilouhan.web.id. We will also provide the results of any design sketch that you buy if you need it, so the design becomes your rights. We also receive services in accordance with the design criteria that you would expect to be made such as band logos, CD covers, souvenir, etc..
We give a fair price to you, so please contact us. We expect feedback from you on our progress

in the future.
Thank you.