Shaman Troll by HudsonKinglet

Shaman Troll

by HudsonKinglet in Mythology/Fantasy

This is one of the larger pieces I've done. A troll shaman lounges on a fallen log while looking back at the uninvited observer. While drawing this I really got familiar with the character himself. This is Ronneth, the chief Shaman of his tribe. His tribe values the Shaman above all other members as he is believed to be in perfect balance with nature. Ronneth's duties as Shaman are to oversee all seasonal festivals and feasts, perform various nature-worshiping ceremonies, heal the sick, aid in the act of child birth, and of course, breed. As Shaman, Roneth has a duty to spread his lineage by mating with every troll-lady of his "harem". Among these harem-girls are prisoners of war from various tribes and even humans. These women are appointed to him as mates, and have no say in the matter. If they refuse to mate with him willingly he simply forces himself upon them. However, although he rapes them, he never harms them-he is gentle and kind and treats his harem slaves quiet well.

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