The Lion and the Bulls by HouseofChabrier

The Lion and the Bulls

by HouseofChabrier in Ex Libris

5.5" X 8" Drawing in pen and ink of the Lion and the three Bulls of Aesop's Fables Fame.

A drawing of a Lion from Aesop's Fables

Now dear reader Once upon a time there was a lone, hungry Lion who chanced upon three bulls who were great friends and lived together in a large meadow. The Lion approached them. but soon found himself surrounded by 6 great Horns wielded by 3 very angry bulls. The Lion realized he would never be able to pull down such stalwart adversaries by himself so crept away hungry, and defeated. However, the Lion never forgot those great meals on the hoof, and would periodically check the meadow to see if they were still there. One day, the Lion happened by and because the Bulls had a falling out and were no longer speaking to one another, each Bull could be seen in a separate part of the field munching grass quite alone. The Lion perceiving his opportunity at last, tackled the nearest beast catching it by it's throat and bringing him down to eat at his leisure. He then in the following week killed each Bull one by one, and invited all of his friends to dine. The moral of this "United we stand...divided we fall!" "There is strength in numbers!" or "In unity there is strength!" All of these saying are telling you it is safer to travel with friends than alone, and don't think you are so big and strong that you don't need the help of others. This is a friendly reminder from Annie and the wise ancient one Aesop.

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