The Frogs Wanted a King by HouseofChabrier

The Frogs Wanted a King

by HouseofChabrier in Ex Libris

9" X 12" Pen and Ink Drawing of The Frogs Who Wanted A King from Aesop's Fables

The Frogs Who Wanted A King as told by Annie

Once upon a time the Frogs playing in their pond decided they needed something, and that something they decided was they needed a King. So the frogs petitioned the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, who after much begging decided to send them a large log for their King. He delivered it with a large splash, and he quite frightened the frogs at first. But soon the Frog became quite used to the log in their pond, jumped upon the log, sat on it, and used it for a diving board into the pond. Quite soon they lost all love and respect for their new King, the novelty wore off, and the grew not only sulky but contemptuous! They then started clamoring for a new King, that was stronger, and wiser, and one they could respect. Now the Supreme Ruler soon became very tired of their whining and complaints, and sent them a New King...The Stork. The Stork was very gratified to have so many loyal subjects, found out they were delicious, and proceeded to eat them up. That is why to this day Frogs have a healthy respect for all storks and do their very best to stay out of their way.

Now there are many lessons you can take with you from this fable. Be grateful for what you have. Do not whine and beg for something just might get it.

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