The Frogs King by HouseofChabrier

An Aesop's Fable adapted by Annie

The Frogs swimming in their pond came to long for a king, a ruler, someone to settle small squabbles or large disputes. They longed for someone to idolize and admire, someone larger than life. They vocalized their desires quite loudly, and frequently, to the Creator and maker of all things, and being a good listener he responded.
He sent them a large Log. He felt this would be a good place to resolve a quarrel, settle a dispute, or relax and catch bugs for one's lady love. The Log arrived with a great splash, and sent all frogs to the bottom of the pond to hide in fear. However, soon the frogs were jumping on the log, leaping from it, hopping over it, and then sitting on it resenting the Great Creator for giving them such an innocuous King.
They soon voiced their displeasure quite loudly and frequently to the Great Creator who grew quite weary of their complaints. They wished for a King who was stately, regal, bold, handsome, someone they could admire, respect, and love.
The Great Provider attentive and wise then sent them the King they asked for.
He sent a Stork to live in the marsh. The Stork was stately, regal, quiet, handsome, and loved frogs. The frogs looked up at their New King Stork and were filled with awe at his stately walk, dramatic markings, beautiful large eyes, and bright red sharp beak. Now this was a King! They swam closer to admire his form, and gaze at his magnificence and majesty! The Stork King spotted his dimunitive subjects, nodded to them, looked at them sharply, and speared the closest frog swallowing it whole.
The frogs soon learned to keep a respectful distance from their King. They learned not to move a bit or make a sound when he walked all over them. They learned to be silently respectful at all time when he walked in their presence. Their Stork King ruled over them with a fierce vengeance that demanded silence, subterfuge, stealth, cunning, and a lack of freedom just to stay alive. This was the King the Frogs had asked for.

Now what does this Aesop's Fable mean? Does it tell the reader "Be careful of what you wish for?" "All Kings are tyrants?" or is it about praying for someone to idolize and admire? Do we need Kings, Queens, Prince, or Princess, Rock Stars, Movie Stars, or Sports Stars to have joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in our lives. Perhaps this fable is about being satisfied with what you have and who you are. It's more about controlling your own life and determining your own destiny. We don't need Kings or rulers to govern us if we take responsibility for our own actions. Don't ask for someone to rule over you. Learn to take control of your own behavior, make decision respecting the rights and feelings of other, but allowing you the freedom to achieve your goals and your dreams. Become the ruler of your own life, and rule yourself with truth, and justice. Plus a little wisdom, if you have any, always helps!

Copyright: Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno HouseofChabrier Chabrier 2013 All Rights Reserved

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