Smoke Dreams by HouseofChabrier

11" X 15" Pen and Ink and Brush on Bristol

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  • Aki


    Congratulation! Your work has been featured in the weekly Sunday Theme Article
    Thank you for creating such amazing piece

    Nov 27th, 2011 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    You must have been very upset to draw something like that .. I bet you were on fire

    Sep 21st, 2011 Reply Subscriber
    • HouseofChabrier


      I did a number of pen and inks that are erotica, but even with out seeing them Deviant art said they are porn. I described them because obviously I'm a law abiding citizen, and don't wish to offend. It's life as I see it with my life experience, and I find them funny. Plus I told my son Kevin not to destroy them when I'm dead because that's what relatives do when an artist draws erotica. I guess no one wanted to be embarrassed by Rembrandt's erotic etchings. I figure I've paid all my dues, I'm old, and I should be able to draw whatever is on my mind. I see the crap that people call fetish portraits or ? and I wonder why you can't draw just good old fashioned sex. I find life weird, and peoples definition of porn weird too. rofl

      Sep 22nd, 2011 Reply
    • JurgenDoe


      devaiantART is freaking stupid .. they allow naked photos where women spread there legs not far enough so you can see deep inside and a erotica drawing they call porn .. this are just stupid brainless assholes in my opinion :(

      Sep 22nd, 2011 Reply Subscriber