Portfolio Images 046 by HouseofChabrier

Portfolio Images 046

by HouseofChabrier in Etched and Carved Glass

This is the door in the jet that leads to the small bathroom with the Ducks and Reeds painting on the Bulkhead. It's probably 30" wide at the very most, and 6 feet plus tall.

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  • NekoiX2


    I haven't worked with anything that big yet, much less glass! Does it ever feel odd to see your work in the environment it was designed for? Do you ever miss having it around your studio/workspace?

    Oct 19th, 2011 Reply
    • HouseofChabrier


      This is Lexan which is a form of Plexiglass except different. No, this commercial art work is done with the same degree of love and perfection if not more so than my personal art work, but It is not mine and I know the difference. I am always happy to see it put in it's new home. All the work is very speedily done, and I am very involved with it when I am making it, but It is very wonderful and easy to let it go and collect money in exchange for services rendered. I'm an art prostitute, but the very highest caliber, and I like my customer to be completely satisfied. If I want something like the Peacocks done for the Jet of the President of Algeria then I make beveled, etched glass Peacock Windows for on either side of my Studio Door. I am the person with the talent, and I can reward myself with my own artwork in my own art space. I had to learn that, but it is silly for an artist to satisfy other peoples desires and needs all the time, and never satisfy your own needs. If you can create perfection for others then it follows you can also do it for your self. It's one of those life lessons no one teaches, but after meeting thousands of deadlines and completing thousands of jobs you finally realize you can use those same skills to give yourself what you want or desire.

      Oct 19th, 2011 Reply
  • JurgenDoe