Peacock Gold Leaf Panels by HouseofChabrier

Peacock Gold Leaf Panels

by HouseofChabrier in Gold Leaf Decorative Paintings

2 Panels each 24" X 60" wide painted on Hardboard from a design I made for the Golden Door Spas. When that job fell through I decided to take the designs paint them, and lay 23k gold leaf on the background.
The designs for these panels have been stolen by some one in the Philippines, sold to a Cross stitch Manufacturer in Canada, and then the manufacturer contacted me when they realized with a little bit of Googling that no one had the rights to this art work but me.
Do Not steal my art work, change the background color, and then call it yours.
You will be prosecuted!
I'm really nice if you don't steal my art work, so have a nice day!

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