New York New York by HouseofChabrier

1 of the many panels I carved for the Reception and Concierge Area of New York New Your Casino in Las Vegas for DEC Associates. All are traditional Art Deco themed, and I did the working drawings, full scale, and carved all the panels for this area. For some reason, this was before digital cameras, and this is the only fairly good photo I have of this carved piece. There we Circular ones that hang, semi circular, and these square ones that go on the facia of the desks and counters. They were all finished in a Fibronze finish with gold and brass accents. They look like bronze, but are really fiberglass with bronze powder imbedded in the finish, and then they are electroplated on top of that. I textured the panels by hammering, primered and sanded some areas smooth, and left some areas the texture of the foam. This was a really fun project, and I just wish I had more pictures.

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  • UmbraRegina


    Another magnificent piece. Wow

    Oct 12th, 2011 Reply
  • DragonsChyld


    the multiple levels of your talents and skills are truly amazing my friend. Your a lot like Da Vinci, able to work in any medium and with any tools.

    Oct 12th, 2011 Reply
    • HouseofChabrier


      My 1st art boss Barb now 84 and my best friend, utilized me, but also I drove/drive her a bit mad...because I do have so much knowledge and I access it with ease. She says it's like pushing buttons on my back and out comes all this art. I work with her on the Needlepoint Canvases, and though she taught me how to paint much better than I did before I knew her, I have taught her to paint on Needlepoint Canvas. Weird but true! I am one of the most underutilized resources right now, and I despair that I will ever be used to carve again. I loved carving, and being involved with huge projects. I miss it, and so wish someone would exploit my abilities in exchange for money. Trouble is I also piss people off because they like to believe every artist is created equal, and anyone else can do what I do. Then they go elsewhere, the work gets rejected, and then they have to pay me to redo it or fix it. Only some people in charge or owners of company think of themselves as smart and wise for employing really talented people. Other owners resent it, and want to bully and strike fear in their artists. The truth is the truth, and I had a bully for a father so I'm not really afraid of anybody. I figure work is work, and just do the highest quality of work possible. Now I haven't had any carving, sculpting, or mural painting work for about 6 or 7 years. I miss earning money and turning out high quality work for buildings. It's exciting, difficult, fulfilling, and very gratifyling, but perhaps that is my past and my future is drawing and painting. Thank you Marion for your kind words, and your friendship. You are my treasure!

      Oct 12th, 2011 Reply