Griffon Vulture 4 by HouseofChabrier

Graphite Pencil and white paint on Canson Toned Oatmeal Scrap book paper. Drawn from a photograph taken by Connyjunkie that can be seen by going to:

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  • Submitted:Nov 3rd, 2011
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  • Date Created:Nov 3rd, 2011
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  • Camera:PENTAX Optio Z10
  • Exposure:1/80
  • Aperture:f/3.9
  • Focal Length:12.8mm
  • ISO Speed:320
  • Flash Fired:Flash did not fire, compulsory
  • Software:Corel Photo Album 6
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  • caddman



    Nov 3rd, 2011 Reply Subscriber
  • JurgenDoe


    I'm always amazed by your different style of vultures .. this is a real handsome fella

    Nov 3rd, 2011 Reply Shadowness Staff
    • HouseofChabrier


      There is something about just drawing with pencil, and then hitting high lights with white that demands economy and simplicity in the execution of this type of rendering. This style is sparse, but it conveys so much about the bird. I'm glad you like it Jurgen. I have a couple of things to finish up, and then maybe I will be ready to move on to something else.

      Nov 3rd, 2011 Reply
    • JurgenDoe


      Yeah .. you know I'm still waiting of my super heroes and whatever you started

      Nov 4th, 2011 Reply Shadowness Staff
    • HouseofChabrier


      I'm still waiting for Sears maintenance to show up and fix my Whirlpool refrigerator/freezer that has been dead for 5 days....I guess we are all waiting for something. I've paid out over $100.00 for dry ice, and I'm hoping this whole problem will be over soon. He was supposed to come this morning, and now it's been moved to afternoon. God help me! Right now I'm just tired, and slightly pissed off. This refrigerator is not even 2 years old. I need a drink! Oh I forgot, I rarely drink because then I can't draw or paint. Even a nice cold beer would do. Oh, I haven't been doing that either because of the calories. They shoot horses...don't they?

      Nov 4th, 2011 Reply
    • JurgenDoe


      I hate if they move appointments and if they show up they don't even know what they have to do at all .. I hope that everything will work out just fine for you and that you get something to drink and to eat .. don't want you sitting and starving to death over there :)

      Nov 4th, 2011 Reply Shadowness Staff
  • steff97


    wow so cool! :D

    Nov 3rd, 2011 Reply