Chimpanzee Looking Down by HouseofChabrier

Chimpanzee Looking Down

by HouseofChabrier in Sharpie Pen Drawings

9" X 12" drawing of a Chimpanzee done from a photo taken by the DA Photographer Gambassi:

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  • Submitted:Dec 11th, 2011
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  • DragonsChyld


    Brilliant. These would be fabulous in a primate house exhibit, you capture the essence of the spirit of the chimp.

    Dec 11th, 2011 Reply
    • HouseofChabrier


      I wanted them to have a loose, free pen stroke, which is what I get when I use sharpies. I started an album in real life for these loose pen sketches. They just feel right sometimes. I use a dip pen and india ink to draw the wizard. Each instrument I pick up effects the type of stroke, and style I use. The sharpie drawing just involve natural scribbling and no pre-pencil work. I'm glad you like my chimps. At the zoo the primates seem somehow bored and sad. It's like they were sent to jail, and are not guilty. I love visiting zoos but like them most when the animals have lots of space, and plenty of environmental stimulus for playing and climbing!

      Dec 11th, 2011 Reply