Painter Illustrator Sculptor •

San Diego Ca., USA

I've worked as a designer, illustrator, sculptor, Stainedglass, etched glass, and mural artist for the last 35 years. My sculpting for Las Vegas includes casinos like the Mirage where I carved the four 4' x 4' original ceiling panels, crown moldings, base moldings, 2' x 2' ceiling panels, table tops and other decorative elements. My work can be seen at Caesars, New York New York, MGM Grand, Golden Nugget, and the list goes on. I worked on Radio Racks, Window inbetweens, painted decorative bulkheads. and beveled and etched divider screens in Private Jets. I've designed and painted Ronald McDonald Murals for Hong Kong McDonald's International. I've designed and executed etched and carved glass and stained glass for Resaurants, Casinos, Hotels, and Private Homes. I paint in watercolor, oils, and Acrylics, and work up drawings in pencil, pen, ink, and what ever medium is called for. I can do my to scale elevation and concept drawings, plus work up the full scale working drawings.
I am 63 years old, have worked all my life, understand many different mediums such as resin, and carving in 4 lb density foam, working in Industrial clay, and since I married a mold maker and plant manager know how to design and carve for industry. I understand production, get it out ASAP yesterday. I know how to get the job done.
At the present I am designing and painting, hand painted Needlepoint Canvases for the Needlepoint Industry. I enjoy all work except doing dishes, and draw illustrations or paint inbetween jobs.
My name is Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno and I am an innovative, hard working, and dedicated producing artist.