Madman • http://www.thecrow-eyebarter-bin.blogspot.com HellOnAStick@Shadowness.com

I deal in secrets and track mysteries.
I walk in cypher steps with backwards hair.
Tell my stories to your children, but they won't bother to believe you.

Hi. I'm Joe. I write music, 'poetry', flashfiction and all sorts of other things. I take photographs and develop my stuff at home using magic and a nearly worn-out mojo-hand. I love a good beer, and a decent fire. One cannot neglect the addition of a decent fire to any gathering. They're magical.

I've only been with Shadowness a short time. My friend /Dehk Invited me here and I was quickly swallowed up. Look for me in your feeds, stealing chocolates, biting rhythms and biding my time.