The Crack In The Earth by Handie

The Crack In The Earth

by Handie in The Warm Months

This was taken at "The Caves" at Clear Water Lake, at The Pas, Manitoba, Canada. This places is called "The Caves" but there really aren't any caves there - instead, there are huge cracks in the rock that surrounds the edge of the lake. You can climb down into these cracks, which gives you the feeling of being in a cave.

I would have liked to get closer to the edge for this shot but I am horrendously afraid of heights - even at this distance from the edge my heart was pounding so much it was hard to hold the camera still!

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  • AD1970



    Aug 28th, 2011 Reply
    • AD1970


      how are you getting on with your new camera too Sandra, i got myself another lens a Sigma 28-300mm

      Aug 28th, 2011 Reply