Clear Water Lake by Handie

Clear Water Lake

by Handie in The Warm Months

Clear Water Lake is in Northern Manitoba, Canada. The water is so clean and clear that you can see 30 feet down. In some cases you can see a fish nibbling on your hook.

We visit every summer and we fish and swim here. I miss it so much! You don't know what you've got until you don't have it any more :(

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  • LittleThings


    Beautiful - I think this is a great example of one of my favourite types of landscape photography. There is a level of reality to this shot that is so relateable - it reminds me to appreciate that the world is beautiful and it's right outside waiting for me to enjoy. It feels like you were strolling around on your holiday, looked up, and thought 'isn't this just a special moment'... then managed digitalise that very moment as a block of pixels.

    It's nice to see grand photos taken during the golden hours with bumped up saturation and incredible cloud formations...etc... but for me it is nicer to see a shot that feels real. For example, this shot reminds me of the last time I was on the island off the coast of my town :)

    Nov 13th, 2011 Reply
    • Handie


      THis is one of my favourite places to visit and I would love to just be there all day enjoying the views! I'm glad you are able to feel that through the photo!!

      Nov 13th, 2011 Reply
  • HillbillyDeluxe


    That water looks cold!

    Aug 20th, 2011 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    Fantastic capture .. love the color of the water

    Aug 20th, 2011 Reply Subscriber
  • obsidianphotos


    The colour of the water is awesome. Congrats on the capture.

    Aug 19th, 2011 Reply
    • Handie


      It certainly is - and even better in real life!! Thank you!

      Aug 20th, 2011 Reply
  • emilydawn


    WoW. that water is beautiful! lovely capture of it Sandra really like the composition of the trees framing it in the foreground as well

    Aug 19th, 2011 Reply
    • Handie


      Thank you! It's a sort of a "look out" point at the end of a walking trail. I's a beautiful place!

      Aug 20th, 2011 Reply
    • emilydawn


      you're most welcome! love trails that end with beauty! makes it all worth while lol. :)

      Aug 22nd, 2011 Reply